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For the Camphill Surf Park, the S2o team was hired to find a site, complete a design, and oversee the construction of a whitewater park near Wanaka, NZ. The resulting park has been referred to as the world’s best freestyle whitewater park. Users of all abilities come from around the world to watch, surf, and compete on the S2o Design-crafted features at Camphill Surf Park.


Camphill Surf Park was made possible through unprecedented levels of cooperation between Contact Energy, one of New Zealand’s largest utility companies, the Central Otago Whitewater Association (COWA), regional and local town councils, government agencies, and landowners.


The park features two separate waves that attract paddlers of all abilities. The top hole was designed to provide stable side surfing with a wide foam pile that allows for surfing, spins, and basic freestyle practice at all flows. The lower feature is characterized by a fast jet of water used for slalom training and basic maneuvers at lower flows, and a fast, single foam pile wave capable of large airborne maneuvers, at higher flows.


Project Highlights

  • The two drop features are designed to be paddled at a large variety of flows (10-200 cumecs), as well as accommodate a variety of skill levels and paddling crafts.
  • The first drop feature functions as a stable hole, ideal for side surfing, spins, and basic freestyle practice.
  • The second drop feature is a stable hole with 3 distinct foam piles at lower flows and a fast wave with a single pile at higher flows, allowing for advanced freestyle practice.
  • The Camphill Surf Park has been a tremendous success alluring paddlers throughout New Zealand and the world to its banks.

Camphill River Surfing Park

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