This project consisted of seven total buildings on 22.8 acres, including:

  • Crew | Ops Vehicle Storage Building: 32,930 SF
  • Vehicle and Equipment Storage: 8,617 SF
  • Fleet Support Shop: 9,410 SF
  • Vehicle Wash Facility: 6,141 SF
  • Fuel Building: 3,511 SF


Facility specifics include a Crew/Administrative Office Building with 12 tandem bays, a 14 tandem bay and light maintenance Sweeper Storage building, a 3 bay drive through shop, a car wash, fueling center, and ancillary structures.  The facilities were designed to service a variety of vehicles from trucks to full-size semis. Included the renovation of a three bay heavy equipment maintenance building, the addition of two bays to the existing salt/sand barn, removal of existing deicer tanks, the removal and replacement of a fuel station and wash area, and the replacement of a temporary mobile unit with a permanent facility to house personnel. 


Services include civil engineering, grading, erosion control, drainage, site planning, full spectrum detention, water and sewer systems, irrigation, concrete pad, and water quality facility.

Gailen D. Buck Service Center, DougCo Parker Road & Bridge Facility, Parker, CO