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Located near the intersection of E 64th Avenue and Washington Street, this project consists of four warehouse buildings and associated utility, surface, and stormwater infrastructure. The parcel contains 24.75-acres and is currently the site of the New America School and the Mapleton Early Learning Center, a playing field, and a parking area.


Consisting of four separate buildings (115,000 SF, 145,000 SF, 117,000 SF, and 43,000 SF), the infill project is part of an Enterprise Zone, offering business income tax credits.


Calibre’s services included drainage and utility studies for the project and surrounding developments, as-built documents, roadway connections, pre-application assistance, preliminary planning, lot layout, grading, design and ALTA survey, Adams County Rezoning documents, right-of-way assistance, Adams County Planning documents, GESC plans, water and sanitary plan and profiles, storm drainage, storm pipes and culverts, trickle channels, riprap, BMP design, traffic impact study, and plans for the North Washington Street Water & Sanitation District.

Hub 25 – Mapleton Industrial Park, Adams County, CO

  • Services Project Type



    Sanitary Sewer

    Grading & Earthwork

    Low Impact Design (LID)

    Roadway, Parking, Driveways

    Master & Site Planning

    Cost Estimation & Construction Services


    Healthcare & Industrial



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