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Littleton Station is a mixed-use, transportation oriented, urban redevelopment. This project involved both new construction elements and the redevelopment of cherished old-town buildings located in close proximity to a light rail station.


The design was created around the desire to maintain the downtown area’s antiquity, while still incorporating a modern feel. Littleton Station consists of 1.7 acres on which is designed a three-story multi-use building with underground parking (45 stall below building podium parking) and 12 townhouses.


Calibre’s ability to work with multiple entities throughout the Denver Metro area allowed for coordination with both South Suburban Parks and Recreation and the City of Littleton.


For this project, Calibre designed a facilities solution that built an offsite water quality pond in Sterne Park. In addition to this somewhat complex drainage solution, Calibre incorporated the inclusion of a new three-story, multi-use building and 12 residential, incline townhouses.


Project specifics included the following:

  • 20,000 sf parking lot
  • 3 buildings
  • 250 LF sewer main
  • 2 water service lines
  • 1 water quality facility

Littleton Station Transit Oriented Development, Littleton, CO

  • Services  Project Type 

    •    Water
    •    Storm
    •     Sanitary Sewer
    •     Roads, Parking, Drives
    •     Grading & Earthwork


    •    Commercial & Retail
    •    Mixed-Use & TOD
    •    Residential

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