Over the last fifteen years, Calibre has completed numerous development projects in Commerce City, ranging from ditch and outlet structure rehabilitation to multi-family communities to single-family master planned developments.


The Residences at Aspen Hills consisted of three 6-unit multi-family complexes on sixty acres. Amenities included detached garages and a clubhouse. Infrastructure included 500 LF of sewer pipeline, 1500 LF of water transmission, 4000 LF of roadway widening, and 2000 LF of storm drainage.


Buffalo Run Village Center is a 14-acre commercial redevelopment at the intersection of 120th and Chambers Road. The project included a water quality pond, accel/decel access lanes, stormwater master plan, electric, gas, telephone, and cable utilities, grading, and water quality infrastructure.


We provided a 2000 LF lining of Burlington Ditch in Commerce City.


Calibre designed a 4400 SF BBVA Compass Bank at the North Range Town Center in Commerce City. The bank sits on 1.3-acres.


Our Cutler Farms project consists of a 20-acre commercial development with 480 residences. The project required intensive improvements to Third Creek. We analyzed two miles of existing sanitary line, groundwater, grading, and lift station alignments to find the site’s most economical solution. Groundwater infiltration and trench bedding details were key design elements. The project included over 20,000 LF of distribution lines and ancillary valves, hydrants, and PRVs. It also included 18,000 LF of reuse water transmission and distribution lines. The project also incorporated 2-miles of sanitary line, 35,000 FT of roadway, 15,000 LF of storm drainage, 1 million cubic years of earth work, and more.


Calibre designed a unique porous pavement solution for Downtown Derby at the intersection of Monaco and E 72nd Place. The location and structure of the site made the project idea for porous pavement technologies. The purpose of the drainage portion of the project was to improve drainage on a poorly draining section of Downtown Derby, decrease runoff, benefit basin water quality, and decrease impact to downstream properties. Calibre used a combination of porous masonry pavers, sand bedding, an underground drain system, and storm sewer outfalls to accomplish the stormwater quality and quantity goals.


The High Point Residential Center consisted of 145 single family homes on 42-acres. The site was oriented to preserve mountain views. Uniquely, the site was located on a basin that had no historic storm drainage outfall point and had higher ground on all four sizes, which we resolved with a major drainage outfall system and offsite storm water detention facilities.


The North Range Town Center is a mixed-use commercial development on 17-acres. The project required regional planning. The site included an 86,000 SF commercial facility, 1000 LF of sewer, 3000 LF of water, 2500 LF of roadway design (Chambers Road, 104th Avenue), and 2200 LF of storm drainage. 


Settlers Crossing is a large single family development on 163-acres in Commerce City at Tower Road and 96th Avenue.


Calibre’s The Village project consisted of almost 90,000 SF of commercial retail at the northeast corner of 120th Avenue and Chambers Road. The site was complicated by unique site grading which required


Calibre to discharge historic drainage from this project onto a retention pond on an adjacent Calibre site. The project included 2000 LF of sewer, 3000 LF of water, 1500 LF of roadways, and 1000 LF of storm drainage.


Calibre provided a major drainage design for Third Creek, including channel improvements, major storm detention, water quality treatment, and irrigation ditch crossing. The project required 404 permitting, a CLOMR, O’Brian Canal drainage underpass, a regional detention pond, a local water quality treatment pond, several drop structures, 1000 LF of major drainage channel, and groundwater impacts.


We have provided roadway design of Tower Road from 96th Avenue to 1004th Avenue.


Our work in Commerce City has included:

  • Data gathering
  • Floodplain analysis
  • Utility coordination
  • Planting
  • Irrigation layout
  • H&H analysis
  • PUDs
  • Zoning documentation
  • Site planning
  • Construction plans
  • Detention facilities
  • Roadway design
  • Access Design
  • Grading
  • Traffic studies
  • Alternatives analysis
  • Slope minimization
  • Retaining walls
  • Floodplain delineation
  • Storm sewer calculations
  • Second Creek hydrology analysis
  • Sanitary sewer design
  • Water transmission
  • Roadway widening
  • Legal descriptions
  • Water quality
  • Platting
  • District planning
  • Agency coordination
  • Permitting
  • Construction phase services
  • Preliminary engineering
  • Final engineering
  • Pavement design
  • As-built plans
  • Easements
  • Porous pavement
  • RCP pipeline
  • Gas line design
  • Curb and gutter
  • Roadway striping
  • ROW assistance
  • Cost projections
  • Vertical and horizontal control
  • Connectivity analysis
  • Wetlands screening and mitigation
  • Field locates
  • CDOT and UDFCD coordination
  • Wayfinding
  • Regional detention planning
  • Traffic control
  • Third Creek Major Design
  • 404 permits

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