From a Physical Security perspective, we offer Physical Security Foundational Framework services such as:

  • Threat and Vulnerability Risk Assessments (TVRA)
  • High Angle Attack Assessments
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) assessments and site surveys
  • Drone Vulnerability and Risk Assessments (DVRA)
  • Electronic security design services
  • Security Technology audits


Our assessments are supported by tailored Basis of Design documents and provide our clients with the required framework to create or enhance their security program. Additionally, we offer electronic security design services that support our clients as they work through the planning of new buildings or renovations with a design team.  


Our team holds the NICP CPTED Professional Designation (CPD), all three ASIS Certifications (CPP, PSP, PCI), and TS/SCI Clearances. Our team members’ expertise includes a broad spectrum of threats and extensive knowledge of the physical and electronic security mitigation options available in the industry.


We strive to provide customized solutions to protect private and federal sector client’s assets and investments.   The assessments we provide include the level evaluation and recommendations found in traditional products, but they also include much more specific and tailored elements to help our clients learn more about their options and understand what is available to them in the industry. Giving our clients tools to navigate security matters is an important aspect of our partnership with them.  


Our project types include sports facilities, hospitals, higher education, federal projects, embassies, hotels, airports, and commercial buildings, We work closely with protective design/blast engineers and cybersecurity professionals to bolster our offerings.


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