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This project is the start of Colorado’s first “Smart City.” An innovative technology center headquarters and Transit Oriented Development (TOD) for Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company (PESCO) is just phase one of these new forward thinking approach to a sustainable lifestyle. The project provides 27,500 SF of office space, 86,150 SF of laboratory/research space along with surface parking (Pena Station Next).


Pena Station Next is a laboratory for testing all things digital. LED street lights, digital signage, and smart parking, just to name a few.  The research facility will run on solar power during operating hours and stored batter power at night.


Calibre provided site planning and civil engineering design and infrastructure for one of the pad sites for the Panasonic campus.


The site connects into the RTD FasTracks System at 61st and Pena Station.


The project was completed working with a Metropolitan District.

Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company (PESCO) Headquarters and TOD, Denver, CO

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