This multi-faceted project provided infrastructure solutions for an open space and Transit Oriented Development (TOD) at the Metro Center light rail station. The site resides on a 1600-acre regional drainage basin, and the purpose of the stormwater design was to convey excess flow from the City Center basin to the City Center Pond.


Stormwater planning and solutions for the project included 2300 LF of 84” – 108” RCP, detention facilities, pipe hydraulics, Hydrology & Hydraulics (H&H), FLO-2D analysis, SWMM analysis, CUHP analysis, StormCAD calculations, UD-Sewer Calculations, outfall analysis, drainage studies, and watershed analysis.

During the analysis, it was discovered that 1200 cfs of stormwater were not captured by the existing storm sewer, and two type-R inlets were added to help capture the flow. In addition, the pipe system connects to a regional detention facility with large bubbler structure that doubles as an aesthetic pond and trail system. The pedestrian crossing will experience flooding during the 100-year event, and a warning light system will keep pedestrians out of the underpass during storms.


Sable Basin Modeling & 108" Storm Sewer, Aurora, CO

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    •    Water
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    •    Sanitary Sewer

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