This multi-faceted project provided infrastructure solutions for an open space and Transit Oriented Development (TOD) at the Metro Center Light Rail Station in Aurora, Colorado. This included site planning and due diligence services for the TOD at the RTD Metro Center Station and the development of a trail system and 136-foot Conspan arch connecting the Aurora Municipal Center to the Metro Center Light Rail Station.


A multimodal trail system connects the RTD light rail station to the Highline Canal, including a pedestrian box culvert under Alameda. The pedestrian crossing will experience flooding during the 100-year event, and a warning light system will keep pedestrians out of the underpass during storms.


The Transit Oriented Development will include multi-family housing, mixed-use retail, walkable pedestrian access to the RTD Light Rail, open space and park facilities, and other TOD elements.

Sable City Center TOD & Pedestrian Underpass, Aurora, CO

  • Services Project Type 

    •    Master/Site Planning
    •    Roads, Parking, Drives
    •    Grading & Earthwork


    •    Commercial & Retail
    •    Mixed-Use & TOD
    •    Public Sector (Municipal)
    •    IDIQ and On-Call
    •    Parks, Trails, Open Space