This multi-modal trail provides connectivity to the Highline Canal Trail, Aurora Municipal Center, and Metro Center RTD Station, as well as the adjacent mixed-use TOD. The trail utilizes a 136-foot Conspan Arch pedestrian box culvert to pass under Alameda and includes a safety sign and lighting system to prevent users from passing beneath Alameda during rain storms.


The Sable City Center project bordered park property that was slated for future improvement. Although the park was not specifically part of the project, the parcel is highly influenced by the work. Calibre worked closely with Aurora PROS to place the pedestrian crossing, develop grading, set pipe alignments, develop preliminary landscape plans, and contemplate future park uses.


An aesthetically pleasing detention pond, bubbler, stadium seating, bicycle racks, and open space are prominent features of the trail system and park space.

Sable City Center Trail, (Metro Center) Aurora, CO

  • Services Project Type 

    Park & Trail Design

    Roadway, Parking, Driveways


    Parks, Trails, Open Space

    Public Sector

    IDIQ or On-Call

    Mixed-Use & TOD



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