As part of a $33.5M rehabilitation campus, Calibre provided design for a concrete training pad with observation deck and a headquarters facility, in addition to the site’s Hope & Care Facility and dormitory.


The Marine Corps mission for the overall campus was to provide housing and permanent administrative support for the Wounded Warrior Battalion-West (WWBN-W). This includes the supply of training facilities, healing facilities, and fitness facilities for the recovery of ill and injured servicemen and servicewomen. Because the campus is focused on training and rehabilitation, our design focused on walkability, alternate transit, pedestrian connectivity, and aesthetic healing.


The most impressive aspect of this project was a 100% stormwater infiltration system which feeds all irrigation, water features, and landscaping with only a 2-month rainy season.


The Wounded Warrior Campus was the second phase of a campus expansion, requiring infrastructure connections into previously constructed utilities and systems. The solution required connecting to and rerouting domestic watermain, connecting to existing storm drain, verifying capacities of design flow and water treatment facilities, connecting to and verifying capacities of sanitary sewer, and integrating parking and vehicular circulation. 


Additional sustainable elements included infiltration pond, rainwater harvesting, vertical media storm drainage filter, sand and oil interceptor, flow spreader, rain gardens, bio-swales, recycled/reuse building materials, photovoltaics, solar heated pool, reclaimed water system, and low water usage appliances.

Training Facilities at Wounded Warrior Campus

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