The Shops at Walnut Creek was a $22M mixed-use commercial redevelopment project in the Westminster area.  The project was designed in cooperation with the City of Westminster’s Urban Renewal Authority.  The site offered a collection of urbanized and contemporarily designed buildings to attract visitors to the Westminster area.  The development covered a total of 60 acres and included a SuperTarget store, a transportation hub, a “city center” area, several user pads, and recreational amenities. 


The Shops at Walnut Creek development was specifically designed to coordinate with the area systems of public transportation, making it a key Transit Oriented Development on the FasTracks system and on Highway 36.  The parking lot included 2400 stalls, and roadway design included widening on 104th, ramp widening on US-36, and CDOT coordination. The 500 LF roadway design included interchange ramps, accel/decel lanes, access lanes, turn lanes, and a parking system.


Calibre’s drainage work required large culvert modifications, channel design, and water quality facilities. Calibre designed a permanent pool to serve as both an amenity and a stormwater quality feature.  In addition, we designed channel protection, erosion protection, pedestrian underpass and culvert, an extensive storm sewer system, and pipe crossings.


Calibre worked with the Renewal District, City and Developer to phase the project, reducing schedule from 12 to 10 months. Calibre was able to value engineer this project from an estimated $1.2M to a final $950,000. This project won a Design Excellence Merit Award from Jefferson County Planning and Zoning

Shops at Walnut Creek, Westminster, CO

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