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Trenchless Projects in the Borough of Queens Minimizes Disruption

New York City. One of the busiest cities in the United States, where the hustle and bustle never ends. Although the hustle and bustle gives New York City its world-renowned energy, it also brings traffic. Traffic disruptions in the major city are met frequently with public irritation and frustration, which is worsened when construction occurs. As discussed in this article, New York City’s extensive sewer system throughout the five boroughs is always under repair, which causes interruptions and concerns to construction workers and the general public.

In response to this challenge, Northeast Remsco Construction of Wall Township, New Jersey decided to start constructing utility projects with trenchless technologies, including microtunneling and sliplining. For example, New York City’s major capital improvement projects allowed Northeast Remsco to install a 85-in. diameter storm sewer under Queens Blvd. (“Boulevard of Death”), a project started in the Summer of 2020. Northeast Remsco was able to accomplish installing the pipe 30 feet below motorists and pedestrians with new microtunneling technology. This trenchless sliplining may provide an option for less disruptive construction in the future.

Want to know all the nitty-gritty details? Go ahead and click on this link so you can read more about microtunneling technology!


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