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Over the course of a phased timeline, Calibre has provided roadway reconfiguration and expansion of 2.5 miles of 56th Avenue. The roadway is set along current development in Aurora and Denver, making it a key transit corridor. Originally one lane in each direction, we have expanded 56th Avenue to consist of a four lane arterial roadway (with eventual plans for a six lane roadway).


We have also provided revisions to existing drainage pipes and channel, very significant utility coordination, water quality treatment, and irrigation ditch crossing. We evaluated adjacent drainage to eliminate possible low points and existing drainage concerns.


Complexities during the course of design have included an extensive storm sewer network, right-of-way set-aside, complete right-of-way survey, and groundwater impacts. Our design phasing was specifically oriented to maintain property access during construction of the expansion. 


The initial phase of this project was completed in only 9 months from Notice to Proceed.

56th Avenue from Tower Road to Picadilly, Aurora/Denver, CO

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    Sanitary Sewer

    Grading & Earthwork

    Roadway, Parking, Driveways

    Cost Estimation & Construction Services




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