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This project included the design of an arterial roadway widening and rehabilitation for 5 miles (traffic flow of 8,000/day) through existing neighborhoods. The City of Montrose proposed to widen 5 miles of arterial street using a four-lane section with no bike lanes. Calibre analyzed the roadway network in terms of sustainability and determined that the roadway width could be reduced substantially to include bike lanes, roundabouts, water quality swales, and, in the end, the project was cheaper to construct and maintain. Calibre’s design refined the section to a three-lane roadway with dedicated bike lanes, providing safety enhancements that were more in line with the anticipated traffic, pedestrian, and bicycle needs. For pedestrian flexibility, we implemented curb extensions to reduce crossings from 72’ to 26’. 


Calibre also designed and coordinated City-wide drainage design for the City of Montrose under this contract (5000-acres).  Hydrology analysis included much of the east half of the City with basins many square miles in size, the use of multiple hydrology modeling methods such as SCS, TR55, CUHP and SWMM, model calibration to rainfall data, and a complicated conveyance network. The project had several major drainage roadway crossings that required channel improvements, bridge replacement, and hydraulic analysis. Major storm drainage diversion and channel and storm sewer design were needed to prevent flooding. Irrigation ditch crossings required rehabilitation of flow measuring devices, flumes, and piping.  Numerous open channels were located in close proximity to roadways, including Civilian Conservation Corps Channels built in the 1930s. Undersized culverts were replaced.  The project included a wide variety of storm sewer piping sizes ranging from 12” Corrugated Metal Piping to 66” Corrugated Metal Piping.


At Oak Grove Road, we provided rehabilitation and replacement of 200 feet of 18-24” Corrugated Metal Piping.


Calibre prepared careful and diligent coordination with CDOT as well as 3 public meetings and 2 City Council meetings.

67.00 & Oak Grove Rd; Cedar Creek & Montrose Arroyo Major Drainage, Montrose, CO

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    Sanitary Sewer

    Grading & Earthwork

    Roadway, Parking, Driveways

    Master & Site Planning

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