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At the forefront of innovation and the progression of Colorado Water Law, this 780-acre project will be Colorado’s first true “agriburbia development,” combining agricultural, residential, and urban development. The overall site provides commercial, residential, and agricultural lots and is strategically located on the bountiful soils of northern Colorado and with excellent highway access. The project also incorporates connections to Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). With a sustainable mix of commercial office, retail services, residential neighborhoods, and open space amenities, this community will someday house as many as 22,000 people.


The project is testing the use of agricultural products to filter soils and groundwater, which allows for increased use of stormwater and decreased need for onsite retention/detention. It also encourages environmental stewardship and healthy living.


The project requires drainage swales, sediment basins, vehicle control tracking area, staging areas, washout areas, erosion control facilities, culverts and inlets, detention and channel facilities, off-site improvements (roadway and utility, including 124th Avenue, Sable Boulevard), roadway design, 15-42” RCP stormwater, 8-12” sanitary PVC, 8” waterlines, 8’ and 10’ trails, and connections into existing regional trail system. 


Phase One includes the 91-acre Adams County Government Center, with 1,250 employees and daily visitors. The overall project includes 146 single-family lots, 51 townhomes, 12 farm kits, 3 additional multi-family facilities, and four commercial parcels

Agriburbia Adams Crossing Development, Brighton, CO

  • Services Project Types



    Sanitary Sewer

    Grading & Earthwork

    Low Impact Design (LID)

    Roadway, Parking, Driveways

    Master & Site Planning

    Cost Estimation & Construction Services




    Mixed-Use and TOD


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