Infrastructure Expansion, Trail System, Parks, Open Space, and Residential Community at Anthem

Broomfield, CO


The 2000-acre Anthem development consists of multiple neighborhoods, featuring multi-family, single-family, and mixed-use commercial features. In all, Calibre has completed 20+ individual projects working continuously over the past 5 years. Client service, municipal engagement, and public input have been vital as Broomfield continues to develop.


Calibre’s unique and aesthetically-pleasing drainage design for the large development included 10 detention ponds with moisture treated clay liners and wetland edge treatments, as well as major drainage channel improvements, trickle channels, utilities, master water report, master sanitary analysis, emergency overflow paths, rip rap, storm inlets, open channels, roadway profiles, and water and sewer Master Plans. Storm drainage modeling and analysis utilized HEC, SWMM, UDFCD software, and Pondpack.


Major pond design included 3 interconnecting ponds, each incorporating between 20-50 acre-feet of storage and non-jurisdictional permitting. The ponds are surrounded by a system of pedestrian trails that connect residential areas to open spaces and parks.  Calibre performed an overall drainage conformance analysis.


The project also includes a mountain bike ramp and hill park.


At Anthem, infrastructure ranged from 8-36” pipes and required regional water quality, channels, irrigation ditches, PVRs, boring, water infrastructure (8-20” lines), tank analysis, and modeling. The project also included a 24-inch casing of an 8-inch sanitary sewer interceptor crossing 350-feet of Northwest Parkway.


Roadway design included Preble Creek Parkway (2500 LF), 160th Avenue (3500 LF), and a traffic signals and analysis at Lowell and Sheridan and Lowell and Preble Creek Parkway.

Construction management services included inspection services, quality control, cost estimates, and constructability review.


An emergency drainage situation required us to prepare an immediate design solution, resulting in a 1 week turn around to solve the drainage problem, all of which was done off season.

We have carefully value engineered the projects from $4.5M to $4.45M. Similarly, some of our careful design solutions decreased construction from $25M to $22M. Master water analysis, modeling, sizing, phasing and projections saved $1M in infrastructure.

Infrastructure Expansion, Trail, Parks & Residential Community at Anthem

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