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Click here for a demonstration of Aurora’s Digital Stormwater Master Plan (DMP/DSWMP):


Aurora’s Digital Stormwater Management Plan (DMP) provides an all-encompassing, integrated Stormwater Master Plan and capital project prioritization program for Aurora’s 32,000-acres, 25 major drainage basins, and 250+ Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs).


This complex drainage, planning, and design project was phased to accomplish evaluation of the City’s stormwater program, analysis of five specific drainage basins, and completion of the city-wide Stormwater Master Plan. In the initial phases, the project included a department-wide gap analysis, which analyzed every aspect of the stormwater department, including stormwater engineering and planning, floodplain management, operations and maintenance, funding, environmental stewardship, regulatory requirements, risk management, and more. The gap analysis identified gaps and overlaps in the stormwater department to facilitate the City’s planning for future improvements, maintenance costing and programming, assessment of rehabilitation needs, evaluation of asset management needs, and prioritization of the entirety of the stormwater program and capital projects division.


The project also provided funding and fee structure analysis for the stormwater program.


The final deliverable for the project consists of an innovative, web-based, comprehensive Stormwater Master Plan that utilizes the City’s GIS, Urban Drainage’s GIS, all of Aurora’s OSPs/MDPs, existing cost data, and other related data to prioritize, categorize, and display all of the City’s slated CIP projects, more than 250 total.


We provided an in-depth drainage and hydrology/hydraulics analysis for five of the City’s basins (Easterly Creek, Westerly Creek, Murphy Creek, First Creek, and Second Creek).


With this master plan, Calibre also provided an industry comparison, comparing Aurora’s system to Fort Collins, CO; Raleigh, NC; and Arlington, TX.

City of Aurora Digital Stormwater Master Plan, Aurora, CO

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