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This Design-Build Family Housing project included 74 single-family units for officers and their families, including attached garages, laundry rooms, and hook ups in every room for cable, phone, and internet. To provide architectural variety, the architectural team developed different unit floor plans while maintaining a compatible building style with all of the homes. In addition, each unit was configured with distinctive massing, multiple fenestrations and trim for variety in relief to avoid the appearance of a “box-type” structure.  Construction was slab-on-grade foundation, wood framed walls, and exterior stucco finish with stone coated steel roofing shingles.


To make the neighborhood more distinctive and more appealing to the residents, the team incorporated several elements into the design, such as varying street setbacks to enhance the streetscape.  The project also included the design and construction of a new Community Center and Recreation Facility with a multi-purpose assembly area, activity rooms, kitchen, restrooms, meeting room, staff offices, and basketball court. 


Calibre work included the design of civil engineering services, such as demolition plans, erosion control, site grading and drainage, water and sewer plans, paving improvements, and drainage and utility calculations. This project required construction phase services.


The project was designed and built to achieve LEED certification with a sustainable plan which reduced energy usage by at least 30 percent.  It included a water-saving landscape irrigation plan; high efficiency mechanical systems; durable finishes for extended life and low maintenance; Energy Star® appliances and equipment; low VOC paints and adhesives; water-conserving plumbing fixtures; and a comprehensive waste management program during construction.  The plan also relied on the reuse of salvaged materials; use of materials with a recycled content; use of regional materials; an alternative transportation plan; use of day-lighting for 90 percent of spaces. All materials and equipment were selected to address the desert climate and other weather conditions prevalent in the area.

Barstow Marine Officer Housing, MCLB Barstow, CA

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