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The purpose of this project was to provide the government with a planning study to determine alternative methods for reducing flushing and maintaining water quality in accordance with environmental and EPA regulatory considerations. With this project, Calibre identified inefficiencies within the whole distribution system, to include but not, limited to Well Field operations, Treatment Plant operations, and maintenance (flushing) operations. Calibre identified 10 deadend loops on the existing system and provided recommendations to decrease or eliminate these inefficiencies.  Calibre’s focus on water quality considered water reuse at flushing stations, isolation of deadend loops, and reuse of existing wells, as well as well activiation to supplement the system, localized storage of water for rechlorination, and recirculating pumps.


The final report identified and prioritized proposed capital improvement projects within the distribution system with the goal of maximizing water quality and minimizing flushing and water quality degradation.

Base-Wide Utility Study for Water Quality, Vandenberg AFB, CA

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