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The 10-acre Bergen Village Shopping Center is located in Evergreen, Colorado. The developer intended to add two new buildings to the already existing site which required a new water line, new sewer connections, additional fire hydrants, 300’ of main extensions, parking lots, and drainage facilities.


Calibre Engineering provided all civil engineering for this site, including the above-mentioned additions, boundary surveying, topographical surveying, and drainage and erosion control. This project required coordination with agency and city developers in order to obtain previous drainage and utility studies, as-built information, water requirements, and water availability.


Project specifics included the following:

  • 300’ forcemain
  • 2 new buildings

Bergen Village Shopping Center, Evergreen, CO

  • Services  Project Type

    •    Water
    •    Storm
    •    Roads. Parking, Drives
    •    Grading & Earthwork

    •    Commercial & Retail


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