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Calibre provided roadway rehabilitation and widening for 1-mile of Black Forest Road roadway, including bike lanes. Context sensitive designs required work with local owners. Calibre provided coordination with local agencies and utilities for gas, tele, and electric lines. Design also included curb and gutter along the east side of Black Forest, storm drainage for site tributary flows, utility sleeves at Woodmen Road, sewer and water from Woodmen to Vollmer, a signal at Vollmer, removal of borrow ditches on the east side of the road, avoidance of onsite power poles, 24” water lines, 42” sleeves, and a 24” connection at Vollmer.


Services included preliminary and final design for roadway widening, ramps/accel/decel lanes, curb and gutter, multi-modal considerations, bike lane configuration, capacity analysis, traffic impact analysis, landscape design, stormwater conveyance and drainage basin analysis, right-of-way services, safety improvements, and agency coordination. 

Black Forest Road Rehabilitation and Widening, Colorado Springs, CO

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