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This project includes expanding the existing Building 1 Outpatient Facility to include 17,000 SF of new construction and 5,000 SF of renovation. The project includes PMR, Parking Garage, Ambulatory access, additional parking, and room for exams, staff work, staff support, patient wings, patient education, and more.  The parking area includes solar canopies that must be maintained.


Utilities include stormwater, water, and sewer, as well as service road entrances, walkways, and parking lot. Services include a parking study to analyze existing parking and future need. The parking area will be analyzed to expand/contract for the building expansion. Includes asphalt and concrete pavement, pavement markings, and striping. Includes a service connection to existing waterline, a service connection to the existing sanitary sewer, stormwater runoff management to two extended dry basins and concrete flumes. Conveyance to existing swales. Stormwater management in compliance with Low Impact Development (UFC 3-210-10N), and the California Stormwater Best Management Practice Handbook, including the use of disconnected impervious grass areas (energy conservation, waste reduction).


The site layout includes 14-50 parking spaces and the potential addition of 6 building frontage spaces. 500 LF of 24’ – 28’ access roadway.


Construction value is $8.2M.

C-575 Primary Care Expansion, VAMC Grand Junction, CO

  • Services Project Type
    •    Water
    •    Master/Site Planning
    •    Storm
    •    Sanitary Sewer
    •    Roads, Parking, Drives
    •    Grading & Earthwork
    •    Military & Federal
    •    Infrastructure
    •    Healthcare & Research
    •    Residential



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