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The Arkansas River is the main recreational attraction in Cañon City. Locals and visitors are drawn to the river to walk, picnic, tube, and paddle. The lush riparian vegetation and deep blue water, contrasted against the arid landscape around it, creates a picturesque landscape.


The S2o team was tasked to study a three-reach section of the Arkansas River through Cañon City, and to plan and prioritize projects within each of the reaches. A master plan and report was created and used as a starting point for conceptualizing possible design solutions to enhance whitewater recreation, fish habitat, and stream beautification.


The project objectives focused on expanding the existing community riverside park, restoring the function and aesthetics of the river corridor, stabilizing the streambanks, and enhancing the venue for rafting, whitewater kayaking (slalom and freestyle), tubing, and other healthy, active, outdoor recreational activities.


Project Highlights

  • Created an overall master plan and report.
  • Created reach-specific design solutions and project priorities.
  • Created a master plan document that balanced the needs of the community, as well as the environment.

Canon City Master Plan

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