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The Derby Town Center Redevelopment was conceived in an effort to reinforce the beauty and dignity of downtown Commerce City, Colorado. The project was divided into two phases, a conceptual and preliminary design phase and a final design phase and the design responded to the client’s desire for improved safety, improved aesthetics, and elimination of standing water.  There was no existing drainage system and there was abundant water puddling after each rain event so the drainage portion of this project improved drainage, decreased runoff, benefitted basin water quality, and decreased impact to downstream properties. 


The location and structure of the Derby site made the project an ideal opportunity to implement new porous pavement technologies, an idea which Calibre supported in our analysis of the site. Calibre provided civil engineering, surveying, and construction management services for the project including drainage and water quality analysis, street planning, utilities location and design, traffic control, cost projections, design survey, erosion control analysis, and field inspection.  Calibre provided the preliminary and final design for the intersection, located at Monaco and Est 72nd Place, coordinating with CDOT throughout the process.


Calibre used a combination of porous masonry pavers, sand bedding, an underground drain system, and storm sewer outfalls to accomplish the stormwater quality and quantity goals, and we worked with Urban Drainage to design a project that is the first of its kind in the area, incorporating water quality within an intersection. This project won a Just Better Award from Bogert Green Products.


  • 619 LF piping
  • 39 LF RCP
  • 350 LF Gas line
  • 831 LF water line
  • 4588 LF curb and gutter
  • 6800 LF striping
  • 1000 SF ROW Acquisition


Downtown Derby Porous Pavement Intersection, Commerce City, CO

  • Services Project Type


    Grading & Earthwork

    Low Impact Design (LID)

    Roadway, Parking, Driveways


    Public Sector


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