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Eagle, Colorado is situated on the Western slope of the Rocky Mountains, in the center of Colorado’s ski country. The Eagle River Park project was designed as a venue to attract summer visitors to the Town and to highlight the growing trend of creating a town centered around outdoor recreation.


The Eagle River Park is located at an existing 3+ rapid in a relatively calm section of the Eagle River. The design focused on habitat improvements, as well as creating a world-class whitewater venue. The design was vetted through an extensive public process and was a cooperative effort with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife. The S2o team completed planning, design, permitting, and construction oversight of this project.


The whitewater park contains four drop structures and a crossvain diversion structure. The first two drop structures contain a fish and boater by-pass channel and the last two drop structures contain a low-flow fish notch. Habitat boulders and a fish-friendly boulder cross-vain round out the design.


The drop structures are designed for various flows and conditions and feature RapidBlocs compatible concrete pads that allow the features to be adjusted over time. Spectator viewing areas, judging platforms, a removable slalom mast system, and accessible ramps create a park that can be enjoyed by various users on a daily basis and a venue capable of hosting local and regional events.


Project Highlights

  • Encompasses four drop structures and a fish and boater by-pass channel.
  • Includes in-stream habitat improvements and habitat structure design.
  • Designed for world-class whitewater and is equipped with rapidblocs compatible concrete pads for long-term adjustability.
  • Designed through comprehensive 1d and 2d modeling.
  • Planned through cooperation and coordination with Colorado Parks and Wildlife.
  • Completed all required Local, State, and National permitting.

Eagle River Park

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