The Eagle’s Nest Village Center is a commercial development located in Aurora, Colorado. This multi-phased project consists of approximately 1,750 square yards of access lanes, 380 linear feet of storm sewer, 670 linear feet of water main, 78,000 square feet of commercial uses on 16 acres, and a 13,000 square foot building on 1.5 acres.

Calibre provided civil engineering, surveying, and framework development plans for this site. Included in Calibre’s services were easements for water, access, and fire lanes, preliminary engineering layout and grading, construction documents, preliminary utility plans, grading and erosion control, water and sanitary sewer plan and profiles, existing and natural features mapping, land use and context mapping, slope mapping, master drainage and utility reports, storm drainage facilities, and signage and pavement marking plans.

Eagle's Nest Village Center, Aurora, CO

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    Sanitary Sewer

    Grading & Earthwork

    Roadway, Parking, Driveways






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