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Calibre provided construction services for the 8 raceways at Hotchkiss, Colorado; 14,600 SF.  The site, which also required the rehabilitation of 6 rearing ponds, required careful attention to natural and human impacts to natural aquatics habitats and investigation into the decline in reproduction of rainbow trout in the wild.  Overall project included the design, maintenance, and operation of an efficient flow fish hatchery, 30” water transmission piping, outlet structures, water diversion bozes, oxygen lines, 8 reinforced concrete raceways, pond design, grading, drainage, horizontal control, groundwater, slopes, access ramps, and natural preservation. 


Construction services included construction observation, design changes in the field based on review, raceway construction review, sediment pond observation, and general construction management.

Fish Hatchery, Hotchkiss, CO

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