Flatiron Meadows is located ideally for a residential community, sitting directly in the center of beautiful mountainous plains. The project sits on 368-acres and includes approximately a thousand single-family, multi-family, and town home residences, a K-8 school, a firehouse, and parks. Calibre has been providing full service civil engineering for this phased development for the last decade.

Complicating Calibre’s design was the presence of an already existing water line that enters the site from the southeast boundary. Another raw waterline heads north along the northern boundary of the site, as well as a stub for water connection to adjacent subdivisions. Calibre’s water design was specifically oriented to these water ways.


We performed water and sanitary sewer studies, hydraulic analysis, and analysis of upstream dams and implemented a complex potable water system to tie into the existing and built-out designs.

This project included several culvert crossings and existing wetlands. The design was oriented to preserve adjacent development ground while providing additional channel capacity as a factor of safety in the event of an upstream dam failure.


Calibre prepared arterial roadway, striping, signing, and roundabout design for 9500 LF of roadway, including Erie Parkway (2-4 lanes) to increase capacity with turning lanes, acceleration lanes, deceleration lanes, curb, gutter, and sidewalks.  Includes dual 6’ x 9’ storm drainage box culverts, a 3’ x 10’ irrigation box culvert, traffic signal design, regional trail connections and upgrades, regional detention pond, dry utility locates, legal descriptions for easements, CLOMR preparation, hydraulic and hydrologic analysis, regional detention facility and HEC modeling.


Other design services included irrigation ditch design, floodplain mapping and delineations, one-mile major channel with drop structures, and HEC modeling. Calibre also provided services for right-of-way mapping and property research.


Project specifics included the following:

  • 368-acres
  • 8-12” waterline
  • 8-12” sanitary sewer lines
  • 18-60” storm sewer lines
  • 3’ x 10’ box culverts
  • 6’ x 10’ box culverts
  • 9500 LF roadway
  • 3700 LF roadway widening
  • 5200 LF drainage channel
  • 4700 LF sanitary
  • 3100 LF storm sewer
  • 9800 LF water
  • 24” welded steel water transmission line
  • 4700 LF sanitary
  • 3100 LF storm sewer
  • 9800 LF water
  • 24” welded steel water transmission line

Flatiron Meadows Master Planned Development, Erie, CO

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    Sanitary Sewer

    Grading & Earthwork

    Low Impact Design (LID)

    Roadway, Parking, Driveways

    Master & Site Planning

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