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This land use plan for the Town of Erie will be utilized for the development of the Town over the next ten years. The plan establishes priorities for the area’s future land use and major development projects, outlines real estate expectations, identifies infrastructure needs, and plans for economic development. The Town’s focus is on developing vibrant, sustainable, urban, mixed-use, and Transit-Oriented Developments in the area. As such, the plan includes careful market analysis and infrastructure planning.


The site area consists of 852 acres, divided into 7 parcels. Some of the parcels are vacant, others are agricultural fields, vertical and air shafts, non RTD rail lines, gas wells, and other. The plan will identify required zoning changes, required sanitary sewer, storm, and water needs, and more.


The Town envisions developments that will maximize the area’s revenue generating potential while simultaneously engaging sound land use and high quality design principles. The Town envisions this area as being a truly unique place with an integration of land uses, multiple modes of transportation, unique architecture, and efficient use of both public and private spaces.


Transportation will include commuter rail, bus rapid transit, and park and ride facilities.

"Gateway" I-25 and Erie Parkway Conceptual Land Use Plan, Erie, CO

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