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The goal of the Granby and Sable Ditch Master Drainage Plan study was to determine and recommend improvements along the Granby and Sable major drainageways in order to reduce flood hazard, improve water quality, and maintain healthy channels and floodplain corridors. The proposed improvements are capable of reducing peak flows, treating stormwater runoff to improve water quality, and removing habitable structures from the 100-year floodplain. The implementation of these projects has the potential to improve public safety, reduce property damage and loss, and preserve natural drainageways. The drainageway consists of 2700-acres.


The project included hydrology and hydraulic modeling (1D and 2D), evaluation of water resources, evaluation of dual use park opportunities, land use planning, environmental analysis, and developing and maintaining a project website. The project required coordination with Buckley Air Force Base to obtain information regarding future planned expansions and impacts to local and regional drainage. 


Services include baseline hydrology (2- year to 500-year storm events), CLOMR/LOMR, hydrographs for watershed and subwatershed, HECRAS and CUHP modeling, alternatives analysis, hydraulic analysis (for 2-year to 100-year storm), conceptual design, and integration into the City’s Digital Stormwater Master Plan.

Granby Ditch & Sable Ditch MDP, Aurora, CO

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