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Teesside is a fascinating project. It is partially situated below sea level and is run entirely on green, tidal power. The design harnesses the Atlantic Ocean’s tidal flows in partnership with the Tees Barrage (dam) to generate energy through 4 fish friendly, 13m long, 3.5m diameter Archimedean screw pumps. The screw pumps are capable of generating recreational flow and/or generating power (screw pumps run in reverse). When the tide is contrary, generators are run as pumps to operate the course. When the tide is favorable, there is ample flow to operate the course and generate power.


The Teeside project included improving the existing channel, completed by EPDUK, and adding an additional recreational channel designed to provide world recreation. The S2o team was hired to design the new recreation channel. S2o designed channel included a proprietary m-wave feature, a flow-through headgate, and S2o’s “tourist trap” big drop feature. In addition to the innovative pumping and channel design features, the RapidBlocs™ movable obstacle system was also installed. The RapidBlocs™ system provides well-formed, stable whitewater that can adapt and change to a variety of uses, long into the future. The park is one of a kind and has redefined whitewater parks for generations to come.


Project Highlights

  • The entire project is powered by green power.
  • Project Innovations include an “M-Wave” feature, flow-through headgate and “Big Drop” feature.
  • Due to its design-enhancing characteristics, Teesside International Whitewater Course is used extensively for swiftwater rescue training.
  • Project includes a partnership with British design firm EPDUK, expanding S2o’s capabilities to Europe.
  • The project is equipped with the patented RapidBlocs™ obstacle system.

Green Power Whitewater Park

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