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This $4.6M mini mall includes a Large Express Prototype (12,608 SF), Subway (990 SF), Barber shop (two chair) (562 SF), 2 concessions (1100 SF), gas with 10 MDPs and tank, grease trap, public restroom, delivery area, storage, indoor dining for 20 patrons, and parking (62 vehicles) (15,260 SF total).


Services include grading, parking, stormwater management facilities, sanitary sewer, water, utility infrastructure, erosion control, roadway, drainage, horizontal control, landscaping, and construction phase services (RFI, shop drawings, and record drawings).


Storm drainage includes outlet structures, trickle channels, riprap, overflow facilities, easements, inlets, open channels, detention and water quality facilities, and environmental impact mitigation.


Paving includes parking, walkways, curb and gutter, ramps, and driveways.  Horizontal utilities includes lines, hydrants, valves, and tees, as well as lines and manholes.


Includes a stormwater prevention plan permit.

Gruber Mini Mall, Fort Bragg, NC

  • Services Project Type

    •    Water
    •    Storm
    •    Sanitary Sewer
    •    Roads, Parking, Drives
    •    Grading & Earthwork

    •    Military & Federal
    •    Commercial & Retail


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