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This $67.7M project consists of residential BEQs and a 650-space garage at Camp LeJeune in North Carolina. The three 5-story complexes will provide 500 bedrooms (200,000 gross SF). Supporting facilities include lighting, parking, roadways, sidewalks, concrete pads, equipment staging and drying, detention pond, earthwork, basketball and volleyball courts, picnic shelter and barbecue pit, signage, landscaping, and trail improvements (Amphibious Assault Vehicle trail).


The project conforms to ATFP standards and follows LEED requirements and Federal Energy Acts criteria, with a minimum goal of LEED Silver. Low Impact Development was included in the design and construction of this project.  This project was fast-tracked which required the entire project, from kick off to construction, to be completed in less than 754 days.  


For this project, Calibre provided all civil engineering, design survey, local permitting, and construction phase services.  Permitting included NCDENR for erosion, sedimentation control, wastewater collection system extension, stormwater management, and water main extension.


To optimize the water system, Calibre looped the waterline around the entire BEQ complex, feeding five fire hydrants, three domestic service lines, and two fire lines. The waterline connected in two places to the existing 12” line and supplemental valves were added to facilitate isolation from each of the connections at the 12” line.  This made it possible to serve all three BEQs from either the north or south connection, giving the Installation the ability to provide continuous service to all BEQs in case of waterline break. To provide water conservation, domestic water service lines and meters were provided. 


Calibre provided a complete rainwater harvesting system for each BEQ.  The system utilized roof rainwater and provided pre-treatment using first flush type downspouts.  A “dry” gravity feed pipe collection system was utilized to minimize maintenance and eliminate freeze potential.  Finally, an underground tank storage was located in landscaped areas to assist in maintenance and reduce cost. A fully enforced fire access lane, partially paved in concrete and partially in grass pavers, was provided around the entire perimeter of the building.

LEED Gold MF Complexes 1251 & 1254, Sport Courts, Trail, MCB Camp LeJeune, NC

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