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This $23.2M complex consisted of a Training Facility for Artillery and Air Defense Schools at Fort Sill. The project included an 80,000 SF facility, including simulation trainers, virtual reality environmental trainers, computer rooms and training laboratories, digital distributed learning classrooms, video teleconferencing, administration space, secure storage, break rooms, Energy Monitoring & Control Systems (EMCS), technical maintenance rooms, offices, and telecommunications rooms.


The civil engineering services included grading, storm drainage, sanitary sewer service and mains, domestic and fire services, associated vehicle parking, and AT/FP protection features. Calibre prepared water and sanitary permits, demolition plans, horizontal control, grading & storm sewer plan, overexcavation plans, detention pond design, sanitary sewer & water plan & profiles, storm sewer srofiles, and details. Parking included 220 spaces, and infrastructure included 20 FT of fire access road. The civil design was in accordance with local drainage criteria, Unified Facilities Criteria, AT/FP, state DOT standards, ADA, AASHTO, ASTM, ASCE, AWWA, etc.


To meet sustainability goals, the site included disconnected pavement, grass pavers, and HD Asphalt.  Habitat and species analysis demonstrated that the site did not affect habitat of threatened or endangered species and was not developed within 100 FT of any wetlands.


Supporting facilities included electrical service utilities, exterior and security lighting, fire protection, alarm systems, paving, walks, curb and gutter, security fencing and gates, information systems, and other site improvements.



Photos: USC Insititute for Creative Technologies. (2008). Prototypes; Joint Fires and Effects Training System (JFETS).

Joint Fires and Effects Training Simulator (JFETS) Campus, Fort Sill, OK

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    •    Water
    •    Storm
    •    Sanitary Sewer
    •    Roads, Parking, Drives
    •    Grading & Earthwork
    •    Costing & Construction

    •    Military & Federal
    •    Schools & Training
    •    Design/Build


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