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Consisting of multiple developments adjacent to RTD’s Lincoln Station, this job included several high-profile, mixed-use office and multi-family parcels. At the station, Calibre providing engineering and planning for 600,000 SF of office space (including medical office), 80,000 SF of retail space, 1,200 residential units, and a 300-400 space concrete structured parking garage. This required 700LF of 12” waterline and 1 mile of roadway. Further, due to the constrained urban setting, an underground detention vault, whose foot print is 60 foot by 100 feet and 15 feet deep, was utilized to control storm water runoff. Storm water quality was achieved by implementing porous landscape detention basins.


Adjacent to the light rail parcel, Calibre’s work included engineering and planning for several multi-family housing communities, making this a massive mixed-use TOD for the City of Lone Tree. The Camden Apartments include high density, mid-rise residential buildings in a serpentine pattern, as well as a 250-space concrete parking structure. Calibre’s design was made more complex by the necessity for maintaining ADA accessibility and fire routing. For drainage, Calibre used the small site to its maximum capacity, creating an attractive vertical pond wall system that served as an entry feature to the complex. In order to facilitate this design feature, Calibre relocated water lines, dry utility lines, gas lines, and fiber optic lines, all designed to fit an “out-of-the-box” plan. We routed pipes around the outside of the building, as well as within the attached garages, in order to run the water downstream to the connection point.


The Lofts at Lincoln station included for-purchase multi-family complexes adjacent to Lincoln Station. The full civil engineering work included associated utility, surface, and stormwater infrastructure, as well as underground parking.


This development won an award for Office Development of the Year from NAIOP.

LEED Certified Lincoln Station Transit Oriented Development, Lone Tree, CO

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    Sanitary Sewer

    Grading & Earthwork

    Low Impact Design (LID)

    Roadway, Parking, Driveways

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    Mixed-Use and TOD


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