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This $38M Bachelor Enlisted Quarters consists of two multi-story 101-room BEQs at MCAS Cherry Point (119, 866 SF total gross square feet), each containing two single-occupancy Handicap-Accessible units.  The buildings and site design conform to the surrounding architectural environment and comply with the Base Exterior Architectural Plan for MCAS Cherry Point. 


Facilities onsite include offices, duty office check-in and bunk room, linen and laundry facilities, visitors room, vending space, machine room, mechanical room, electrical room, telecommunications room, and pump room.  Site improvements include equipment washdown and drying, basketball and volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, picnic shelter, barbeque grills, fitness trail, pedestrian sidewalks, garbage disposal area, driveways, POV parking, solar photovoltaic parking system, photovoltaic covered walkways, earthwork, landscaping, stormwater management, and concrete paver system.  


From the Civil perspective, the site incorporates Low Impact Development techniques.  For example, Calibre provided redirection of surface stormwater through vegetated swales, permeable pavement, rain gardens, and infiltration basins.  Calibre designed full campus rainwater harvesting systems. The harvesting tank is a 40,000 gallon tank with 200 gallons of pressure, including treatment, filters, and UV lights.


Infrastructure included a 1850 LF roadway, drainage, sanitary sewer, water, and stormwater utilities

LEED Gold P136 Bachelors Enlisted Quarters, MCAS Cherry Point, NC

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