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This $48.7M campus included:

  • Bachelors Enlisted Quarters (BEQs) (68,000 SF each)
  • Dining Facility (26,000 SF)
  • Headquarters Facility (85,000 SF)
  • Operations Facility
  • Supply Complex (86,000 SF)
  • Paraloft Facility (20,000 SF)
  • Academic Campus (21,000 SF)
  • Armory (10,000 SF)
  • Motor-T Facility (9,000 SF)
  • Other Supporting Facilities


Calibre provided designs for the master planned Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC), including a Recreation Center, multiple Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQs), a Headquarters Building, an Operations Facility, a Supply Facility, a Paraloft, an Academic Facility, an Armory, a Dining Facility, a Motor-T Facility, and other supporting facilities on 8-acres.  


The school and training center provides more than 300 rooms, and the BEQs were designed to house 600 personnel. 


The Enlisted Dining Facility (EDF) was designed as a modern, state-of-the-art dining facility, standing out as a landmark of the campus with high sloping roof and window walls. 


The activity center included a basketball and volleyball court, horseshoe pit, barbeque areas, and an artificial turf area.


The site contained 10.5 acres of site grading, earthwork, and offsite utility improvements.  Calibre provided the civil site, including grading, sanitary and water utilities, parking for 420+ vehicles, storm sewer, and natural gas.  The design included a water quality and detention pond with vegetative filter/treatment and outlet structures.  The project required lift station design.  This sight was very constrained since the buildings were close together, and the steep grades and resulting view were preserved for the dining hall and adjacent facilities. The project was designed to reduce overall energy budget by at least 35%.

LEED Silver Marine Corps Special Operations Command Campus, MCB Camp Pendleton

  • Services Project Type

    •    Water
    •    Master/Site Planning
    •    Storm
    •    Sanitary Sewer
    •    Roads, Parking, Drives
    •    Grading & Earthwork
    •    Low Impact Design (LID)
    •    Costing & Construction

    •    Military & Federal
    •    Mixed-Use & TOD
    •    Schools & Training
    •    Residential
    •    Design/Build
    •    Parks, Trails, Open Space
    •    Arts, Entertainment, Rec


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