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Nevada Place was the redevelopment of St. Marys’ northern campus. The redevelopment consisted of an urban style change just north of downtown Littleton. The project was adjacent to an RTD light rail station, making it a key transit-oriented development for the area.  The site added 68 multi-family units with below grade parking (20,000 SF, 50 spaces, below building concrete structured parking) immediately adjacent to the commercial and retail town center of downtown Littleton. The site was 1.8 acres and required cooperation with the City of Littleton and Denver Water. The project was an important renovation in the Littleton area because it as one of the first developments to use porous landscaping in that area. Services included design survey, Site Development Plan, construction documents, cost estimation, sanitary sewer main (250 LF), storm drainage, grading, water service, erosion control, horizontal control, vertical control, and utility coordination.

Nevada Place Multifamily Residential, Littleton, CO

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