The goal of the site was to create a greatest value facility that utilized sustainable methodology and value engineering.


The stormwater management approach for this project was complex and unique in that it incorporated a variety of controls and strategies on site to mitigate the impacts of development on both the quantity and quality the stormwater.  These included: four bio-retention areas, a mechanical filter, two fields of porous paving, two underground detention facilities and vegetated swales. Infiltration was incorporated into the various facilities where possible.  Proper design allowed required Phosphorous and Total Suspended Solids removal rates to be met or exceeded, and heat island effect was minimized to achieve LEED credit levels. Both LEED credits for Stormwater Design are being reviewed for anticipated award to the project.


Included 958 parking spots (26 ADA and 100 low-emitting vehicles).


The project incorporated Low Impact Design Elements and LEED design elements, including reduced parking, partial underground detention and water quality, minimized stream impacts, and site disturbance reduction. 


Services included concept and final layouts, roadway and intersection analysis, grading, storm water management, water, sewer, LID, ATFP, landscaping, hardscape, porous paving, underground detention and water quality facilities, bio-retention, design calculations, project specifications, stream/environmental permitting, NCPC exhibits, product submittals, RFIs, record drawings, and construction survey.


Stormwater pipe sizing ranges from 12”-15”. Watermains range between 8”-10”, and Calibre provided a total of 3160 LF. Sanitary sewer ranges from 6”-8”, and includes 2230 LF.

Porous Pavement Parking & Regional Detention, Fort Belvoir, VA

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