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The River Oaks project consisted of 18 3-story multifamily homes that ran adjacent to an irrigation ditch and the I-76 corridor. Despite the difficult location of the project, mountain backdrops preserved the elegance of the area. However, the location of the site created specific drainage difficulties for the River Oaks project. Therefore, along with providing all civil engineering and infrastructure for the site, Calibre relocated numerous ditches. To further complicate the situation, in the process of developing, Calibre was faced with the problem that the storm sewer outfall on this site was too high. The Company resolved to grade and flow everything over site land to regional detention ponds. Also presenting a problem were the swells and area drains that Calibre rerouted to pull the water out of the residential common areas. Impressively, the River Oaks project was designed and completed in approximately 3 months, staying true to the tight time frame desired by the client.


Project Specifics:

  • 100+ homes in 18 buildings
  • 1600 LF driveway
  • 1300 LF sanitary sewer
  • 3 month completion
  • 1600LF water main
  • 750 LF storm sewer

River Oaks Multi-Family Development, Denver, CO

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