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Rendering credits: Wenk, Shears Atkins Rockmore, Dialog


This is a transformative infill redevelopment project in the urban heart of Downtown Denver that will make the South Platte River the central focus of its energy as a state of the art downtown community committed to pedestrian connectivity, multimodal transit, recreation, mixed-use functionality, unprecedented amenity, sustainability and environmental stewardship.


This 15 million SF project will add another high density, urban heart to the already existing neighborhoods in Downtown Denver. The true mixed-use project will include commercial, residential, civic, hotel, community, programmable public space, office, incubator campus/educational, institutional, public recreation, public school, and retail elements.


Innovative and collaborative design are critical to this high-profile project. Stormwater management, for example, will include a package of private investments along the South Platte River that will yield improvements to recreation, fisheries, and flood protection at least an order of magnitude greater than any previous private investment on the river. The project’s goal is to deliver cleaner stormwater to the river than any previous development along the river.


Infrastructure innovation includes undergrounding of major utilities, and sustainable stewardship includes the potential creation of an energy district that if built will provide heat for buildings via sanitary sewer heat recovery system, that will double as a reuse water generation plant.   Healthy living and multimodal transit will include pedestrian walkways and bike lanes, parking garages with convertible mixed-use options, riverwalk, river activities, and more. The project connects to two RTD light rail stations, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), and connector rail. We are also designing a connector trail system and mile-long trail spine and circulator through the site. An aquatic amphitheater, dramatic overpass bridge, skyscraper buildings, fly-fishing, and facilities for driverless vehicles are just some of the other innovative elements included in this project.


Calibre has been providing full site infrastructure, roadway connectivity, pedestrian and bicycle connections, and feasibility study for the prime downtown acreage. Full site infrastructure includes water transmission and distribution systems (coordinating with Denver Water), a sanitary wastewater system with onsite wastewater treatment plant and reuse sanitary heating, the establishment of an energy district, stormwater planning and Low Impact Development implementation sitewide, an 8-foot lowering of the Platte River, 3 new bridge or roadway connections to other areas of downtown Denver, undergrounding of major Xcel Energy utilities and movement of cell phone towers, and more.


The River Mile Engineering and Program Management

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