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Calibre provided infrastructure expansion for a $22M overall development across 60-acres. This included the expansion of Highway 36, roadway widening at 104th, ramp widening of the intersection at US 36, and 500 LF of roadway design with interchange ramps, accel/decal lanes, access lanes, turn lanes, and a 2400 stall parking system.


The transit infrastructure was specifically designed to coordinate with the area systems of public transportation, making it a key Transit Oriented Development on the FasTracks system and on Highway 36. 


Stormwater infrastructure included large culvert modifications, channel design, and water quality facilities. A permanent pool serves as both an amenity and a stormwater quality feature. In addition, we designed channel protection, erosion protection, pedestrian underpass and culvert, an extensive storm sewer system, and pipe crossings.


Infrastructure specifics included a total of: 5000 LF roadway, 2500 LF forcemain, 800 LF sanitary sewer, 3560 LF 30” waterline, and 1330 LF 24” waterline.

US 36 & 104th Roads; Utility Infr; Shops at Walnut Creek, Westminster, CO

  • Services Project Type

    •    Water
    •    Storm
    •    Sanitary Sewer
    •    Roads, Parking, Drives
    •    Grading & Earthwork

    •    Commercial & Retail
    •    Mixed-Use & TOD
    •    District


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