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  • Rod Sigmon

Inside being a "CAD Manager"

Fulfilling the role of “CAD Manager” on a software the size and scope of Civil3D can be a daunting task. I subscribe to the theory that only a “Pool” of knowledge can facilitate a well-functioning organization. No single source can be the user’s only resource for CAD support or expansion of their knowledge base. Most, probably see the role of “CAD Manager” as a help-desk, quick-reference resource that keeps the company moving forward in times where CAD issues are encountered. This is often the case, but beyond that is where the real labor occurs. That specifically, is the task of building and maintaining a template and set of styles that remain functional, but also flexible, so that they may grow with the software as well as the organization. This knowledge is a more specialized knowledge that is often limited within an organization. Therefore, you have to seek out quality resources, external to your immediate associations. One such resource for me is Rick Ellis. Rick is a consultant, author, instructor for AUGI® training program and a highly rated speaker at Autodesk University. I have attended training with Rick and used his on-line documentation on more than one occasion. One such on-line guide, comes in the form of “A CAD Manager's Guide to AutoCAD Civil 3D”, posted on Autodesk University’s website and found at the link below. Autodesk University "A CAD Manager's Guide to AutoCAD Civil 3D" Article: This short synopsis gave me a new perspective on how our template should be managed and I would recommend it to anyone. -Rod Sigmon

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