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  • Danielle Lewis

Are you being Engaged?

I came across an article in Harvard Business Review that got me to thinking about the “type” of employee I am. Michael Schrage wrote an article called Engagement Is a Means, Not an End and it touched base on Engagement vs Empowerment. I find joy in being helpful. I like being busy. I like leaving work at the end of the day knowing that I got something done. I added value. In most circumstances where I wasn’t helpful, or busy, or productive – was it the company not engaging me? Or was I myself not empowered to be productive? Michael explains: “The business purpose of greater employee engagement and empowerment is not happier employees but people who are more productive, innovative, and accountable for the choices they make.” Engagement is meant to work hand in hand with Empowerment. When you engage your employees and get their feedback – that allows you the opportunity to empower them. A lack of engagement absolutely results in a lack of empowerment simply because you don’t know what obstacles to move in order for your employees to start making moves on their own. I personally believe a successful company employs “go-getters”. People that come in to work and are empowered to do their job and be productive without the direction of upper management. But that all starts with upper management understanding the importance of engagement. Needless to say, I'm thankful that I work for an engaging company! Thank you for the article Harvard Business Review and Michael Schrage Article: -Danielle L.

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