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Let's Move to Denver

According to Denver Business Journal, Colorado ranks on the top 10 list of the fastest growing states in the nation. As the article explains, Colorado is 2nd in the rankings behind Florida. Denver, specifically, is one of the top 10 Cities to live in in the United States, considering population and salary, as stated by Business Insider and US News . So many people are moving to Denver, which had me asking why? Here are some reasons why people are moving to Colorado: 1. Population growth means people are following friends and family. 2. People get paid well in Colorado: Denver offers the #8 best average annual salary of $54,4503. 3. It’s easier to find a job in Colorado because Denver is the #12 best City in the nation for job growth. 4. The sun is bright and shining. In fact, Colorado boasts three cities in the top 170 sunniest cities in the US. 5. The outdoor life attracts newcomers. In fact, Colorado offers 42 State Parks, 12 national parks and monuments, 13 national forests and grasslands, 58 14ers, and thousands of miles of hiking. Links: Denver Business Journal: Business Insider: & US News: Nerd Wallet: Colorado Come to Life: -Lilly Murphy

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