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  • Lilly Murphy

How Empathy Factors into Management

When we think of leaders and those who are in positions of authority, we often think of words like powerful, focused, innovative. But what does it take to be an effective manager, and more generally, a good leader? Forbes has two articles which tackle this exact topic. Oftentimes, I think we forget that being a leader is not just about being authoritative and having an inspiring presence; it is also about having empathy for your employees. According to the article, “How Important Is Empathy To Successful Management?” only 40% of front line leaders were “proficient or strong in empathy.” The ability to have empathy for your employees connects them not only to you personally, but also makes them feel heard and more connected to the company. It creates a positive work environment. Only “30% of employees feel fully engaged, with the remaining 70% functioning at some level of ‘going through the motions.’” Statistics like this are a reminder that many aren’t feeling heard, or feeling like a part of something. Read the two articles below to learn more about how to be an effective leader/manager, and how doing so can affect the workplace positively. Lilly Murphy Marketing Assistant

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