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  • Lilly Murphy

How Culture Influences Operational Excellence

With an influx of talented new employees and promotion of new internal leaders, Calibre’s culture is shifting - an inevitable result of dynamic change. This culture change prompts a great and unique opportunity for us as employees, as a company, and as a cohesive unit. In fact, as these articles demonstrate, we can use changing culture to achieve operational excellence.

We have all been a part of or witnessed a successful culture. Think, for example, about a successful sports team, an efficient and collaborative work team, a project team in school, etc. The most successful teams that I have been a part of are those in which the team feels bonded to one another. Teams where participants share a vision toward the same end goal. When people are working together and have an emotional commitment to success of the team, everyone benefits and the team is successful. The benefit of a team mentality vs. individual mentality is that teams can be always “on,” while individuals cannot. Individual people have bad days, even in an industry like ours; days where we feel off and unmotivated. Having team members who can uplift you and pick up the weight when your shoulders are heavy keeps everything always moving forward. It also builds empathy amongst members, and that empathy is an extremely crucial part to any lasting and meaningful relationship.

The Forbes article below also talks about the shift away from focus on a hierarchical-type company to, instead, a decentralized ecosystem. This, in my opinion, is an important shift that Calibre as a company can make. Of course, we have leaders, but the idea is to focus not on power differentials but, instead, on the actual goal of operational excellence. When a firm is run on the realization that EVERY part of the company depends on the success and prosperity of each individual and teammate, rather than a hierarchy of superiority and hierarchy, the team can become its most successful self. Building these bonds and defining ourselves as a decentralized company will set us apart from other companies and, in fact, increase our operational excellence through commitment to the end goal, to the company, and to one another.

Articles I referenced and deserve a read through 😊:

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