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  • Lilly Murphy

On the Importance of Blog Writing

As technology evolves and industry standards change, small businesses must evaluate what they are doing to keep up with their larger, corporate peers. One huge way to organically increase your business presence is through Search Engine Optimizing (SEO). Basically, SEO is how your company uses website content to bump up where your website ranks in comparison to other “similar” companies.

To flesh this idea out, imagine a person looking to find the nearest company that does a service they desire. They put into their search bar “civil engineering firm Denver.” Search engines, like Google, take those search words and instantly provide millions of results to the user. How does Google choose what firm’s websites to show? They have a system in place (an algorithm) which has specific criteria that makes certain sites/pages/etc more desirable and clickable. Put simply: Google has it’s preferences and you can use those preferences to your businesses’ advantage. One powerful example that your business can (and should) implement onto your website: blogs.

The Forbes article “The Top 10 Benefits of Blogging On Your Website” talks about many different reasons why blogging is necessary to stay relevant in today’s competitive industry. Blogs bump your company’s SEO and therefore make your website more “searchable.” Thereby, increasing the chances that potential clients will land on your website when they are looking for services they need filled.

Blogs may feel like a waste, but they do serve a purpose and taking the time to write posts will benefit your company.

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