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Lauri’s Evolution of Leadership and Advocacy in AEC

The AEC industry has a history of underrepresentation of women, but together, we're rewriting the story. In honor of Women's History Month, we are celebrating the living histories of Calibre women as they forge their own paths. Nearly 40% of Calibre employees are women, and we're passionate about supporting them. Calibre is working to flip the script and champion women in this industry. Join us this month as we share stories of the amazing women who are making a difference at Calibre and helping to rewrite the story of women in AEC.


For this post, Lauri Murphy, Calibre's HR & Billing Manager, was interviewed on how her leadership and advocacy skills have developed throughout her career.

Lauri's journey is a testament to the strength, leadership, and advocacy women bring to the workplace. Before joining Calibre, she had a fulfilling career as a nurse, where she learned the importance of building connections and support systems while working in psychiatric wards. Despite facing challenges and discrimination, Lauri remained steadfast in her commitment to advocating for herself and her colleagues, even leading a strike to improve working conditions for nurses across Colorado.

It wasn't until her husband, Greg Murphy, founded Calibre in 2000 that Lauri transitioned into the AEC industry. While still practicing as a nurse, she took on the role of managing Calibre's Human Resources and Accounting. Her passion and leadership enabled her to champion diversity in hiring practices and cultivate a culture of appreciation within the company. Lauri's influence also shaped Calibre's policies, including its health and wellness program and tuition reimbursement policy, highlighting her dedication to creating support systems and fostering a positive work environment.

Lauri's shift from nursing to business leadership showcases the diverse talents and capabilities that women bring to AEC. Her advocacy is an inspiration for women, demonstrating the transformative power of leadership and vision.


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